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2b After having selected our music we listened to it again in the group and followed this by discussing our feelings in response to the music and what we pictured whilst listening. Our initial responses were:

Initial thoughts:

- Sacrifice 

- Woman walking towards ledge/cliff to commit suicide 

- Infertility (woman letting out her feelings of sadness)

- Woman left alone on marriage day and stays eternally in her wedding dress with everything arranged and does nothing of her days 

After having shared these ideas we realised that we all responded to the music relatively similarly and felt a sense of loss within the melody and vocals. This was quite thrilling as even though we pictured different stories and scenarios we all felt similar emotions and were able to capture this universally. We thus decided to develop these ideas through discussion and try to combine them to create our performance piece.

Discussion of music and ideas, thinking up of the story/Brainstorming

- Sense of loss

- Something growing (and then withering away) 

- Organic, sensitive 

- Egg something growing out - cracked, hurt, physical

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