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Today we began by discussing 'what performance is' in groups and what comprises a performance piece. My group and I suggested that performance may be found anywhere and is an art form that can be anything (everything that isn't a still image/piece). From further discussion with the entire class we stated the idea that for a performance to take place, there need not necessarily be an audience, or performers, and it can be infinitely long or over in an instant. It is overall a very broad term.


- What is performance, what makes a performance?

  • Audience, being aware (yes or no)

- How long does it last? A minute, eternity

We then read the project brief (to the left) and watched a variety of shadow performances each with different styles and stories/concepts behind the work. The list of artists we touched on include:

  • Lyubomir Bukow (Shadow Dance)

  • Via Dmitridze

  • Kumi Yamashita

  • Tim Noble, Sue Webster

Note: different objects give different tonal variations

  • Mona Hatoum (Light Sentence 1992)

  • Melanie Walker (Empty Spaces)

  •  Christina Hardinge (Machines for the Living)

  • Pilobolus dance theatre

  • Cloud Gate theatre

  • Yiang Liping

  • Lotte Reiniger 

  • Manuel Cinema

  • Hitchcock (shadow and foreshortening)


- Shadow and light - the gobo (disc with pattern cut into it to portray texture)

- Mirror, colour shadow



- How you want to frame your piece

- Light through different materials to create texture (density)

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