Ryan Gander


More really shiny things that don't mean anything, 2012

Stainless steel

This collection of steel makes me think about our classification system and how we group things together in accoradance to the value, function, appearance ect. This sculpture can be seen as a representation of the categorisation process that takes place in our world. There are many different pieces of steel in this work but they all have similar features and I feel like that is why they have been put together by the artist. I think that a theme of categorisation would work well for this project as it is a very siginificant aspect of our lives and we tend to categorise everything. This classification system is what allow us to filter all the information from outside world and not get ovewhelmed and confused and therefore it is an important and integral part of human being. I am thinking of developing a work under this theme but I don't think it would be anythng like Gander's sculpture. His work made me think about this issue but this sculpture is far from direct representation of categorisation. Taking into consideration the martians as our audience, this theme need to be presented in much simpler and obvious way so that it can be easily understood.







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