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Lucyandbart is a collaboration between artists Lucy McRae and Bart Hess. The ad hoc duo work close to the body, and their mode of operation is impulsive; they generate ambiguous images depicting our skin as an interface between our self and the world.

Lucyandbart imagine physically transformed bodies and faces with sometimes shocking artistic realism. They work instinctively, using at first various materials on the body, exploring volumes and remodelling the human silhouette very quickly to expulse all creative energy.

Both fascinating and off-putting, the images disturb because they do not allow us to sense the emotional state of the subject. The modified humans look you in the eye, not horrified, surprised or excited by their transformation: they are simply present and allow you to look. There is something primitive and curious to be seen in the “deformed” human body. It questions all are ideals of beauty and the way we judge. Lucy and Bart discover a low-tech, prosthetic way to perfect the human being.


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