My 3 components were Mary Katrantzou, Rubber and Weave. My final idea, after synthesising my research is to create a comfort zone for two individuals who are connected, beyond worldly material connections. They are bound together by their existence. They can reach within each other and understand each others being. They are able to see what the other is truly made of, the essence of their being. Something that others may not be able to see or find. 

This quality gives rise to some metaphysical attributes. This artwork is an installation, that is meant to be placed in ones home [comfort zone], it would have to be placed in a dark room, in a intimate place. This installation would be two hammocks suspended on the two ends of a balance/fulcrum. As the two individuals would take their places in the hammock and reach equilibrium, a light in the centre would illuminate. Thus, igniting the relationship, giving it a new dimension of trust and comfort. 

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