Wednesday 16th September

After conducting research, i came to the conclusion about the definitive direction i wanted to take my project into. I wanted my final result to encapsulate a connection between two individuals. In my eyes, this connection is made without any physical contact and with limited proximity but with boundless balance, affection, respect and flexibility.

My idea is to create a comfort zone for two individuals who are deeply connected, beyond the worldly material connections. They are bound together by their existence. They can reach within each other and understand each others existence. They are able to see what the other is truly made of, the essence of their being. Something that others may not be able to see or find. This quality gives rise to some metaphysical attributes. This artwork would be an installation, meant to be placed in ones home [comfort zone], furthermore, in a intimate place such as a bedroom. This installation would be two hammocks suspended on both ends of a balance. 

Weave in this artwork would be represented by the marriage of two individuals, the interlacing truth about their lives [that only they know], they understand that they are weavers of their own lives and their thread represents the "energies and magnetic stimulation and intuition coming from their souls". Weave also represents a life long bond, the thread encompasses the complexity and intricacy of their love. 

Rubber in this work is symbolised through its ability to return to its form after being stretched. What i find interesting about rubber is that metaphorically speaking, it is similar to a journey. Rubber undergoes a transition from being fragmented and loose initially as it is found as latex from a tree, however once it is coagulated with acetic or formic acid, the rubber has a new form and a thicker consistency after which it is dried and processed to come to its final form of dry rubber. This is very similar to any journey of life, especially the journey of attachment and love. At first the two individuals are quiet and composed about their inner emotions however, once their bond strengthens with time [this being the coagulating process in this case] the relationship has an entirely new dimension of strength, flexibility, durability and also has a ability to return to one another from adversity. Rubber also acts as a gravitational force/pull that always allows for it to come back to its origin/initial mould. 

Mary Katrantzou's garments have inspired this work due to their ability to mould a woman's body through digital prints and her sculptural designs. In this case the mould would be created through the use of a hammock [connecting to the idea of rubber]. A hammock allows for people to sink into their place of comfort, find the perfect position. The hammock acts as a niche which provides comfort to the individual resting in it. This niche for the two individuals allows for a deepened connection as it cocoons them and allows them to be in their most vulnerable and free spirited place. Lying down is a very vulnerable position, and have a small distance between two people lying down allows them to be in their most expressive and emotive state. This heightens their affection and ability to understand each other while their hearts do the talking. 


Title for this project: 

Raabta: Inexplicable connection with another soul.


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