-to hang so as to allow free movement

-technique of hanging an artwork, typically sculptural, from the ceiling

-suspending a series of objects in space, giving the effect of them floating in air

-concepts: visual perception and interactivity, absent gravity


Suspended artworks:

Suspended Cloud Paintings by Joris Kuipers

The artworks are made from suspended and raised components of depron foam coated with acrylic paint, appearing like a storm of whirling clouds or maybe flowers.

download.php?file=1372670&embedded=1&textbox=1358108   download.php?file=1372672&embedded=1&textbox=1358108


In terms of pratical aspects of hanging an artwork, the process can be very difficult. Having read a few articles about the processes of suspending art pieces I certainly know that there are many things to consider. The most important ones are: exhibition space, the viewers and the way they will move through the space, the mechanics of how the artwork will be hung and the arrangement of the pieces. Precision and understanding of space and perspectives is crutial if the instalation is to be succesful.



Suspended charcoal installations by Seon Ghi Bahk

  download.php?file=1372818&embedded=1&textbox=1358108  download.php?file=1372822&embedded=1&textbox=1358108

I love the fact that when suspending objects in a space different sorts of illusion can be created. Like in this instalation pieces of charcoal appear as if they are structures in the process of being formed, or disintegrating. These still moments create contemplative spaces.>

 This book instalation in particular made me see ways of combining the process of suspending with our group's initial idea. In the similar way to the books, we could hang the photographs of leather production on strinks. This could create an intresting spacial composition. We could design a simple and delicate composition which would possibly shape the mood of the space and therefore create a nice contrast between the overall message and environment.





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