" is all about capturing people's most personal moments."


Sophie Calle is a French writer, photographer, installation artist, and conceptual artist.
Her art can be described as a record of her adventures. Each piece is a document of an event, of some kind of interaction in which Calle engages with the world in her unique way.
She explores the boundaries of how we interact with one another and what is - and is not - socially acceptable behaviour.
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  "The Sleepers"

I think that the uniquness of this project makes it interesting. The fact that she asked strangers to sleep in her bed is pretty weird and doesn't fit into the set of social norms and because of that her works attract some attention from the public. Without knowing the concept/story behind this piece of work I don't think people would appriciate such series of photographs. It is the unique idea that add some special qualities to the visuals.


Sophie Calle on what makes her talk to strangers:

'I started following them before talking to them, mainly because I didn't know what to do with my life. I was in Paris, without a job or any real energy to decide where to go in the morning, so I started to shadow people. Then I was taken by the pleasure of it and started to take photos and notes without consciously knowing why.'

In terms of this project, there is again an emphasis on the artistic idea. This time the artist didn't even take the pictures herself , she asked her mother to hire a detective to follow her and take pictures of her daily activities. 
 The only thing that I have taken from Calle's works into consideration when I was working on the propousal was the process of documentation. Calle's most projects are based on the idea of recording something as it happens. She have followed peopel and took pictures of their steps. Her works are records of real life events. In a way she captures the truth. This encouraged me and my group to document the stages of the process of making a leather and trough this present the sad truth about leather production.
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 Invasion of privacy. Calle in her fine art pratice doesn't follow the social rules. As in this project she examined people's properies without asking them for permission. This why her works are often criticised. Many articles that I have read this week comment on Calle as being "too close and too personal". This however is what makes her famous. 


 Sophie Calle, Voir la mer, 2011

When Calle was in Istanbul, she read that there were people who were so poor that they had never seen the sea. She decided to take 14 of them to the coast for the day and film their reactions.

 "I didn't have any personal connection with these people. I just wanted to see their eyes ? those eyes that just saw the sea," - Sophie Calle





"Did you see me" by Sophie Calle

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