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Taken from my diary:

"I wasn't sure how to display the work... I could wash the ink off and use it as a near translucent wash on my section of the paper. This would work conceptually but you would have nothing to look at. It would just be very faint grey water. Thinking about it, I am using the very same pen to draw on my arm as I write this diary with. Why not create a metaphorical diary, a series of experiences and memories somehow percolated and stored in a distilled form. Scrubbing it off in water I could then boil it down and kep it in a jar or vial, maybe display it on a shelf or hang it from a nail. The journey would be recorded like everyone else's journeys but it would be unreadable - if you went on a journey the ways to pass on information about that trip would be stories, photos, videos, momentos, souvenirs. But none of these allow other people to experience what you experienced; only you know that; only you can relive these moments in your head." (6.194)

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