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I had already begun working on the holloway prison idea, planning on creating a series of identities of prisoners inside. the last time i created an identity, it was of a charismatic cult leader, i drew all over my arm of his visions. i thought this would be a good starting point for creating new identities. when the prison idea fell through i continued drawing.

Taken from my diary:

"I reappropriated the arm drawing, using it instead as a means of "accummulating" ideas and thoughts. We slowly gather and lose personal memories and experiences, and in a similar way the ink rubs off or is washed away and new layers are drawn on top. This time the drawings were more focused than with the Appian series, relating more precisely with my journey from the Panama Canal to Buenos Aires tying in with my walk across the Darian Gap or the river boat along the Amazon towards Manaus. That being said other things did slip in, dream sequences and ominous imagery: people standing on the water's surface slowly drifting backwards on a slow moving current, before becoming tangled in the roots of a fallen tree. They never complain, and the tree swallows them up and grows around them, encasing and imuring them in dark wooden coffins." (6.191-193)

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