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Naomi Filmer is a contemporary jewellery designer, who focusses on 'experimental' jewellery, she "challenges the boundaries of what defines jewellery". She believes that jewellery in fashion is the "ultimate definition" of the inspiration. She explores the relationship between the anatomy and the object; both the presence and absence of space.  She is driven by the "sensuality of objects, anatomy and emotions" to endeavours to create jewellery that is "an extension of our identity; an expression - a definition." 

Naomi tests the limits of materials, their physical relationship to the body and the sensation it can create. She has experimented with various materials such as chocolate, glass, metals, rubber, synthetics and moving images.

"Anatomy-focused, sensual, fluid, intimate, clean" 

Five words that Naomi claims describe her work during an interview with Donatella Zappieri in 2013.

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