TV series: Power of Art


"This is not a series about things that hang on walls, it is not about decor or prettiness. It is a series about the force, the need, the passion of art ...the power of art." said Simon Schama.this series is about: In each episode historian Simon Schama treats, in his own erudite, unconventional and somewhat socially engaged style, a work of art from a great master. He concentrates not just on the art history as such, but mainly on the relationship between the work and the historical context of its creation, as this touches the significance of and vision on the subject as well as the life of the artist. I did not watch this Tv series , but i ensure that i will watch it later, this is all about the artist life and ability. i can gain more inspiration from this tv series, the art world is amazing and i need to learn more in art area.

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