Object: 1636 herbal book


This is a very old book, the name of this book is call Herbal. the botanical book writer by John Gerard. the most widely circulated botanical book in 17 century England. Beautifully illustration book.this illustration of the plants are gorgeous, the description are detailing and more easier to understand the content. when i looked at the typography, that is amazing, some of the word are different with others, also there are some Latin words in the book, so that means can give other people to read. on other hand, the cover of the book are not interesting, sort of parts are damaged or demolish, the appeal to cracking on the book, that is very detail. also the papers are little bit yellow and some of the illustration can see in next page, that give me a inspiration to make some old object. for example, the printing of the skeleton leaves. that is going be cool and beautiful. i can print the detail of the plants,also I can used the black fabric combined with the white color skeleton leaves.

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