Artwork: Campbell's Soup Cans


Campbell's Soup has launched a series of four canned tomato soups with labels that pay homage to Warhol's 1962 work of art 32 Campbell's Soup Cans.each canvas corresponds to a different flavor. Warhol did not indicate how the canvases should be installedThough Campbell?s Soup Cans resembles the mass-produced, printed advertisements by which Warhol was inspired, it is hand-painted, while the fleur de lys pattern ringing each can?s bottom edge is hand-stamped. In this work, i think that he mimicked the repetition and uniformity of advertising by carefully reproducing the same image across each individual canvas. He varied only the label on the front of each can, distinguishing them by their variety. i consider that the artwork of the soup in pop art styles is amazing, the colors changes, also look at all the detail, the cans are not same, the logos and typography are totally different. sometime, i found some news about this artwork are collaboration with a street style brand call supreme, the brands used the cans became all the logo into one shirt, it look street styles,but sometime i saw this shirt feel dazed, i think it need to change the position of the pattern on the shirts.

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