Techniques: Draping


Draping is one of the special technique for the fashion designer, and it is useful for designer and improve their creative in mind. some of them making the layers on the fabrics, then the fabrics has different effect of on the outfit. sometime it is hard to make the garment in draping way, but this technique is most creative way in fashion design and popular for designer. this is for fashion design is the process of positioning and pinning fabric on a dress form to develop the structure of a garment design. A garment can be draped using a design sketch as a basis, or a fashion designer can play with the way fabric falls to create new designs at the start of the apparel design process. After draping, the fabric is removed from the dress form and used to create the sewing pattern for the garment. while i was making a draping way in my outcome, i feel concern about the structure and shape that i really want it. But i can do any creative that  i want it and more abstract way.

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