NO.13 performance art meets inflated sculptures

swiss artist victorine müller combined performance and sculpture, in this project, she made PVC sculpture which can interact with human and become a performance piece. because of the density of the material and the form that she decided to use e.g. elephants, squid?animal forms, they have a very sensitive and dream like atmosphere, like they are straight walk out from a story book.

I find interesting how victorine müller says of her work ?I?m interested in creating moments of sensitivity, moments when our defenses are down and we are open to new things. ?moments of powerful concentration. ? I create zones, put forward pictures, show processes that touch the viewer, ?that invoke associations on various levels, transport people into a different state, so that things hidden may become visible, accessible, ?opening up possibilities ? to demonstrate something that is not said and cannot be said, but that is? She really dominate her audience, and seeing her work is like look into another world, almost unreal. her works wake up this little girl deep in my heart.




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