NO.11 Twisted Dancers Become Human Sculptures on City Streets

Cie Willi Dorner is an Austria-based artist, Dorner had a project about body and space, He used group of dancer and place them in awkward arrangements in selected sports. The imagines of this art performance are striking, Dorner placed them so weirdly that in my first glance I couldn?t tell they were human bodies, but blocks of colors. The concept of use human bodies to create sculpture is groundbreaking. This project no doubts is a shocking project, I can?t say it?s beautiful as eye pleasing, I feel irritation when I look like those imagines, on another side it means this is a power it give viewer a strong impact. It?s also make me think about the relationship between human and environment, after being top of the food chain for so many centuries, we created a new type of environment called city environment, nothing is organic in there, but we are organic, by arrogant human bodies in odd way and place it to the thing that we created, make me question about what is organic, I like it just because it make me think and question.


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