NO.9 Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdamusing

Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdamusing use techniques. Currently, her work focuses on creating large, interactive textile environments. for example ?textile playground? I have to say I am shocked by her determination, textile environment is not a concept for her she made it real. she used simple basic textile techniques knittingcrochet, and knot making to create a strong particle textile installation or shall i say world, it?s so vibrate not only because of its bright colors also the patten and shapes as well. somehow it reminds me of the children?s story candy. She is a very brave artist because this art work has to have the ability to interact with people, it has to be very safe, she must have a very good knowledge of materials. I like her color combination very much her color combination is pop but comfortable it light your eyes up without confuse your mind, unlike Alicia Scardetta?s. Consider it?s intention is to create a textile environment for people, she did a wonderful job on keeping the surprised without intimidating people. I like how she created this odd volume and how this volume change once it interact with people, I also like those balls that hanging in the midair, they look like dropping water to me, because it?s shape it add more movement in to this installation. This large textile art piece is like a wonderland there is countless detail in there, is hard for me to study every single of them, I think this is why I find it charming.




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