no.8 Hanne Friis

Hanne Friis come from a fine art background, what draw me to her is her large sculptures. ?shades of black and bule, it is made from denim fabric by handsome. when I take the first look of this sculpture, I was invested by it?s organic shape, this flowing feeling within the sculpture. then I take a closer look, i see all those fabric is wriggle along like a rock under the sea which has sculpted by the water. Then I look even closer, I discover there is not only black and blue, but mixture of color, the color I see at first is actually not there, it is created by my eyes, when my eyes mix all those color together I see this rich blue.although there only one techniques in this textile sculpture but it has tones of texture. the rough texture contrast with flowing shapes generate a fun impression, I like it a lot, again it?s proved if you take one method to an extreme it will surprised you in an unimaginable way.




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