no.7 sayuri sasaki heman

I can even begin to say how amazed i am by this breathtaking textile installation which handmade by Japanese American artist Sayuri Sasaki Heman. This installation is called ?underwater fight? which featuring a landscape of handmade fiber barnacles,jellyfish,corals, and other creatures that reside on the sea floor. I have seen quiet a lot of designer that use gentle color scheme and approach their work in a delicate way, but Sayuri Sasaki Heman is one of the kind, he use fibers which are finer than thread to magically created those vivid features that under the sea. it?s unbelievably well made, it?s so well sculpture it doesn?t look like man made anymore, you know it?s not the really jellyfish, but it?s just so amazing that looks like a creation of miracles. because it?s made from fibers so it has movement that other materials can?t have. because of the nature of the material it give the whole installation life, although there is no wind it moves because of air. magnificent work, this opened a whole different level of textile art for me, make me thinking about possibility out there, i should not only limited on traditional textiles or textiles that for fashion, i should push myself harder to think as a textile artist and don?t overthink about can I do it, but how can I do it.



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