no.6 Christien Meindertsma

Christien Meindertsma is a designer that does all kind of art, I am focus on her knit works. she knits things on needles that look to be the size of broomsticks, she did not use fancy techniques or mix media, she only used knit and vegetable dye. because she used gigantic yards to knit, those items have a odd look, like knit made by giant, I don?t usually use this word but they are very cute. It?s always interesting to see an object from different angle, in her case they don?t even look like same thing anywhere. This make me think differently how should I develop my project, maybe i should not only push it to a new thing, but look at my current work in another perspective, and try to present my work through that odd perspective, maybe by doing that I can give it anther life. looking deeply into my thing and be patient, don?t rush to ?new?, new thing does not mean better thing.


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