no.5 Nike Schroeder

Nike Schroeder has two distinct types of work, one is embroidery illustration, another type is more abstract by use thread to represent dripping paints, I like her illustration better, especially the collection called fundamental reports that she did in 2012. This project is based on old photographs from the 1940s and 1950s. I like how she flow those thin black line on very fine surface to illustrate people from old times, she also added pop color thread in to the image, every single line in collection is very light, because of this reason all those image are dream like, breathtaking beauty. she used thread created an another world, those human figure softly become alive, it?s hard to put this feeling in words. I am amazed by how alive those illustration are, it?s clear that they are not detailed observation drawings, but everything in those image are so vivid, maybe it?s because it?s illustrated to nike?s version of world so it provide an escape from really world to viewers. I like doing illustration as well, by studying Nike Schroeder , I realize I need to find my vision of world.



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