no.4 Mimi Jung

Mimi Jung is a young female artist who come from a fine art background. Her textile works are definitely not the traditional craft making, she use weaving and knit to create works that like paintings, her chose of color and texture are very delicate and gentle, because of those reason above , the look of her works is very fragile almost vulnerable, also very romantic. Like the touch of a woman. I personally like art pieces that are clam and peaceful, and I do feel peace in Mimi Jung?s work. I like how she play with scale and texture, for example in her sculpture she used very fine woven to create very large scale sculpture, this Contrast really made it interesting. those textile piece are so effortless, it?s clear there is a lot consideration that were put into them, but somehow Mimi jung managed to create a lose feel, this is what I admire the most about her. her work is not full of different media or techniques, but they stand strong in their own right, this inspired me to think deeper in to my work, i should focus on use a simple technique into it extreme.



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