Mods vs Rockers


The first rockers were primarily known for their motorcycles, standard factory-made motorcycles they stripped down, tuned them up and modified them to appear like racing bikes. By the 1960s, their subculture became associated with a specific music genre and clothing style. Many rockers mostly favored 1950s and early-1960s rock and roll by artists.The rocker's style was born out of necessity and practicality. They wore leather motorcycle jackets covered with metal studs, patches, and pins. They usually sported open-face helmets, aviator goggles, and sometimes a white silk scarf. Leather caps called Kagneys, Levi's jeans, leather trousers, tall motorcycle boots (often made by Lewis Leathers), engineer boots, brothel creepers, T-shirts and Daddy-O-style shirts were also pretty common.( I feel curious about this historic movement.Those people have there own culture, like skinny jean with leather fabrics, also the rockers  like to wear leather jacket with slogan words and it is very conspicuous.On the other hands, Mods people was wearing suit and tie. there are absolutely gentlemanly.people were frighting for the right and equality.

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