no.3 Alicia Scardetta

Alicia Scardetta is a Texas born, Brooklyn-based artist, she use weaving to create most of her work, weaving is a such basic technique, but she made the most of it, as you can see in her work it?s full of surprise. When I first look at her textile pieces, my inner thought was ?okay is nice looking bright wall hanger.? But once I look more details in to it, I see so much in just a little wall hanger. The color combination does not seem random to me but well calculated, it create a illusion in my eye, the more I look into it, the more lost I am. by laying them in a way that people don?t normally do, Colors that I am very familiar to become hard to recognize. Also by giving them geometric shapes, she created a unique style. I like how she uses yards of different texture to give this contrast of light and weight. By weaving thing and thick together, it made the fragile more fragile and rough even rougher. I admire the precise in her work, although personally I like work that more lose, but I do think is important to have a little bit odder. I would try this style of weaving and make it to my style.


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