Artist: Jackson Pollock


Jackson Pollock is a successful abstract expressionism artist in 1960s. He is a representative of abstract artist in worldwide.Jackson Pollock continued to introduce figurative and quasi-figurative pieces, of black and white works. He also continued to work on paintings with the new, all over style which he introduced a few years earlier, with many of his art pieces that abandoned the idea of dimensions and barriers, when painting on the canvas. By many, he was seen as a new artist, and was praised for the work which he created.with his 'drip and splash' style, he showed the art world, and critics, what could possibly come in the future, and the new styles that were possible, with an open mind to the creative process. ( I think that his artwork has many creative techniques what I can learn it. I heard about my teacher said at first his usually dripping color randomly when he work on a piece of artwork, then he site down and considering about how can he dripping the colors to express different emotions.To what I learned, I found out action painting techniques can influence to my project, in reasonable and express different feeling.

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