Designer: Maxjenny


 She is a fashion designer who has an explosion of color and energy, is the brainchild of one of the most exclusive designers.she created her first collection in 2007.She based on the study of body movement, improvising in line with the possibilities of fabric,the new black and street sculptures.She works with intelligent materials that can identify an external stimulus and respond to it.Thus, her designs are pure movement.I think that she has a great work on self-motion and considered how the motion can express and represent in women's body, like flying,skiing,swimming and any other action.I absolutely like her hoodie designs with different prints that can give me more inspiration, also the print has motion feeling.The prints are using Warhol's Munch pictures shown together with several of Munch's original prints,constituting a unique experience and encounter.I think that this can relevant with my work and indeed to my prints.

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