Designer: Iris van Herpen

download.php?file=1314347&embedded=1&textbox=1314346Iris van Herpen has rapidly developed her ability to create visually stunning designs.She tried to narrow between fashion and technology from experiment perspective of Hussein Chalayan. In her work, I can see many volumes,folds and lace fuse together to create clothes shape and silhouette. she also has a relentless ability to reinterpret element and material.She said that:one of the most powerful forms of art is music.If I hear that piece of music, it brings me back to the process of making the collection, the exciting moment of the show itself and to the good people that were there.It rings the moment back to life better than any photo or painting.I think that her inspiration come from many thing, including music can express different emotion and feeling, this can be utilized to her work.My favorite collection of her work is the synesthesia collection toys with empty volumes in an exquisite metamorphosis between the human body and skeleton of an insect. Beside, she's latest collection is using the 3D print fabrics to make up different silhouette and shape, the line contrast the print and the fabrics also used the transparent fabrics.

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