project three Sonia Delaunay

Sonia Delaunay was one a central figure of the Paris avant-garde, she lived at a time the technology rapidly developed; this big background had a strong impact in her work. She was influenced often by her life, for example she did lots of painting about music, dance, and lights. When I first walk into the exhibition before I see the image, color shined into my eyes, those were her early paintings, her Russian background and influence by Paul Gauguin really showed in colors. Those painting were vibrate and powerful. Then there one exhibits really cote my eyes ?cradle cover?, in this stage she began to apply the theory that she created with her husband Robert ?simultanism? to a variety of forms. This patchwork cradle cover is one of the forms. This really makes me think about the definition of art. I always believed life is art, but a lot of people think paintings sculptures are higher than textile design or product design which is not necessarily true. Sonia was always expending her art world, there were so many different forms of art that she tried in her life. She was a real living art piece. I would really want to take this into my work, and create effortless and natural work.                                                          




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