project one self-portrait Sarah Lucas

Sarah Lucas is an artist well known by it's groundbreaking self-portraits. Through her career she has continued to appropriate everyday materials to make works that use humor, visual puns and sexual metaphors of sex, death, Englishness and gender. The reason that I study her is because the way she delivers her massage is very abnormal, not only because she used fired eggs is also how she put herself in the environment. I feel she is out of place, but at same time belong to there. I don't know how to describe this felling, this conflict in her picture are often strong, but once she pit them all together and present it to the viewer, they become natural. In my self-portraits project, I want to show how I oddly interact with the world, and how I see myself work with the world. This is very personal to me, and just because is very personal, is hard to show other, by studying Sarah Lucas?s photos helped me to think about myself less serious and so I can try something out of my comfort zoon


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