research annotation and analysis

This artwork is create by Franz Kline in 1956. He used collage and oil paint to finished this artwork. Beside, the technique of this artwork is using by action painting, about paint in randomly and need more patient and thinking how to express."Abstract Expressionist Franz Kline is known for his large black-and-white paintings that treat the medium of oil with a calligraphic freedom, influenced by his acquaintance with Willem de Kooning . Kline viewed his gestural painting not as an expression of his emotions but as a means to create a physical form and presence that could be felt by the viewer, and would inspire Minimalist sculptors like Donald Judd and Richard Serra with his reluctance to attribute hidden meanings to his work. Starting in the late 1950s, Kline executed a series of monumental works, known as the "wall paintings," and began to reintroduce color to his black-and-white palette." This artwork is really inspire me, because the abstract way and action painting can inspire my drawing.I can see clearing of contrast colors in dark and bright.

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