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                                                                     Final Evaluation                                                                       


    From the very beginning my project proposal specified tasks which I had to face. It described the character of my project, features of the final design and the general category - costume, installation or movie. During the study on Foundation Course, in all my projects - not only the final one - I have always tried to consequently pursue initial assumptions which has been made at the beginning, during the course adopting and testing new ideas or techniques.

 My costume in its basic assumptions has not changed. What have changed during the realization, were means of expression which helped me to achieve the important values. Preserving the form of my project, I have changed fabric - from fluffy and soft to stiff rigid canvas. It has made the shape of the costume more geometrical and has made the paintings on it more clear. In the initial version,

they were monochromatic and devoid of drama. Now the costume looks interesting in all respects, including the relation between the colors.

  If I could realize my project from the beginning, for sure I would not entrust the positive effect of the first experiment with fluffy fabric. I hoped that the acrylic paint would make it stiffer and despite its mess I would be able to give it expected geometric shape. -This, however, proved to be not true.

      For me the biggest success is the use of paintings technique for this project. It is very important for me, that each of my project is referred to the different artist and his/her philosophy. I think, that from all of my realizations, this one meets such assumption the most - which in turn allows for wider interpretation of my project. In the foundation it responds to the starting point; The Clockwork Orange. To sum up, the dynamic expression of rebellion is enclosed in the pure, constructivist, geometrical  shape of my costume. 

I think that the weakness of my project is insufficient use of the metal elements - screws appeared at the last moment.

 If I had more time it would be interesting to explore possibilities of the third  material which I planned to use - metal. At the moment it appears only as a detail in my costume. I think that screws might have been used more extensively, even as a surface.

I would also develop a display method for my costume. The project would not only be exposed in the context of the same material which it is made from, but would also be surrounded by some more constructivist elements. I think it would be interesting to make the documentation in open, natural space, for example mountains. The project could be interesting not only in artistic context, but also in extremely different reality. However this concerns only problems of exposure and documentation.

  I think that in terms of idea and concept, my project is intact.

If I had had more time I could have DONE more experiments with the techniques of paint splashing. Contrary to the way it looks, it is not so simple as most people think.

Important is paint density, distance and a tool used. Even the matter from which a tool is done is relevant. Larger trials of paint splashing, would give me greater ability to control the look and shape of stains. It seems to me that extra time would be beneficial for some technical problems which I faced.

I would realize my costume in greater peace of mind which could enable me to make better decisions about technology of “stiffening fabrics”.

   I think that I have achieved what I have assumed. Despite many obstacles which had to overcome, the final outcome relates strongly to Punk Culture and the main character form The Clockwork Orange. What is important, there is no obvious visual element touching directly on both these aspects. Creating the costume on artistic means strongly connected to art of this period was the accurate way.

 Although the objectives were clearly defined, and from the beginning I had a substantive vision of this project, all the time I was open to comments and new ideas. It was very important for me to create a costume which will not be literal, but with clear inspiration. I wanted it to be the resultant of everything I have seen, read and imagined during the research process which was of phenomenal importance for me and my design.


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