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Alan Kitching is one of the world's foremost practitioners of letterpress typographic design and printmaking. He is renowned for his expressive use of wood and metal letterforms in creating visuals for commissions and his own limited edition prints.

(taken from http://www.debutart.com/)


The exhibition that I attended showcased Kitching's work used for newspaper publications, political posters etc. I think that using letterpress for something like a protest sign (shown below) is interesting because it is a lot more raw than digitally printing something, yet looks a lot more official than simply hand painting the text only to sign. All newspaper and publications used to be printed using letterpress, so the fact that Kitching has chosen to stick to these methods of print shows he likes to have a more traditional take on his work. There is also something about newspapers that are typically British, and like a lot of British people who like to keep to their heritage, Kitching using letterpress is a bit like him keeping to his heritage. There is also a nice contrast within his work between the old, traditional letterpress, and the bold and vibrant colours he has chosen to use. These sorts of colours have not have been used in publications back in the day, but they also make the title of the article/story 'jump' out of the paper.

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