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I made some questionnaires to invest people what do they think of camping this outdoor activities. I went to some places like Kings cross station, sport director shop, supermarket and so on. The respondents are five female and three male, they all from different age groups from kids to middle age adult. 

After collecting these questionnaires, I found out most of them had tried camping before and most of them would love to go camping with their friends and families In their spare time. Almost all of them think Sleeping bag is essential for their trips because it is important to keep warm during camping. Some female and children respondents think nowadays products for camping all look the same, sometimes too professional looking, too serious looking. One of the reasons they don't want to buy some camping products also because they are not good-looking. Most of them prefer camping than caravan, but sometimes depend how is the weather. If it is in summer, then camping will be the first choice. Caravan will be better choice in winter. People don't have much spare time, so some of them will camp with their families at home or just in their garden, which also are camping. They said they want some interesting and also functional products to add more fun and convenient to their trip. 

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