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For my final outcome, I went and collected some first-hand research by finding and taking photographs of damaged and/or defaced street signs or signage. Beforehand I tried to see what I could find online around London in order to make it easier for me to find, however the only one that I could source online from London was 'Fann St' in Barbican where somebody had scratched the letter 'Y' into the white of the sign so it now reads 'Fanny St'.

This meant that in order to find the rest I had to simple spend a day wandering around London in order to find such signage. I chose to look predominantly around East London, as in most cases areas in East tend to be slightly poorer than other areas around London and would therefore be more likely to have damaged/defaced signs due to more oppressed citizens and/or less funding to replace these signs.

Luckily enough (and not luckily) the road that I reside on, 'Buckingham Road' had been defaced a few years ago, with the 'B' scratched out in parts so it now reads 'Fuckingham Road'. The outcome of this is so messy and aggressive, you could say that elements of the letter have been removed by force. This could be the result of someone deeply unhappy with their life on this road, or simply someone who is desperate to make a joke. Sadly those two were the only actually defaced signed that I came across that day, however I was able to find a VERY aged coffee shop sign, along with several street sighs where the paint has chipped away and/or paint or stickers have been stuck over the top.

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