exhibition space

I made a final photos  in the contex of action painting canvas.  I think that my costume is very strong and aggresive so I decided to make photos on preson which is a dressed in black. I did not want to disturb the whole imagine. Only the face was painted white, its  refers to Alex form Clocwork Orange. I think that the white face is very improtatnt in the relation to the coulors on my costum and to the white canvas at the background.
I Had also the idea to  use this canvas also as a background for my exhebition space, But it dosent work good with my costume General perception was to agressive and messy.
 .Firstly i wanted to present costume on the mannequin, But in this case the black manneqiun stay in very big contrasts to the coulors on my costume. Viewer focus more on the mannquin than on my final outcome. I decided to hang mu costume in the space. ( in the centre of metal frame). I think it was very good decision. Now the costume looks very clear and pure. Next to my final piece I wiil show to very minimalistic drawings which stay in the contrast to the very dramatic paint stains on my cosutme.

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