Yves Klein s blue in my project

For a quite long time I hesitated over the use of colors. When black and white already appeared on my costume, I realized I have to introduce one more – counter color.

Leaving the costume only in two extremes – even with possibility of obtaining grey, did not seemed good enough. I wanted to add one more color which would be a keystone between these two worlds. Initially I thought of  red but I came to the conclusion that it will be too aggressive and obvious in the context of Constructivists, Punk culture and The Clockwork Orange. I decided on ultramarine, the color which would allude to one of my favorite artist - Yves Kein. I like his idealistic attitude to color .To call the sky his greatest work is really very beautiful and inspired idea. For Yves Klein it was the whole world. Actually, all his work he subordinated to this color. He considered it to be the only right one.

In my costume this color appears as the opposition to black and white slants on the left side and has quite different expression – it is ,,enclosed within (graphic) lines, and at the same time serves as a link between front and back of the costume. Ultramarine appears in font as the vertical and as such trickles down into the back of the costume to close it at the bottom with an expressive slant. By applying this color in two different ways (expressive splash and almost graphic line) my costume has become more airy, and those who associate this color with works of YK will have individual paths for interpretation.

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