Today was really stressful as our tutors had so many students to see and not enough time  I feel that we should have started hanging our work last week after the Peer assessments because I found that there were many materials I had to buy from the shop today that I could have gathered over the weekend more efficiently. I felt really stressed because my way of mounting my monitor using Command strips did not work as they refused to stick to the wood. i then had to buy more materials including photo hanging wire to hang it in a different way which one of my tutors helped me with. I feel like I was waiting around a lot and then it was a big rush when I finally managed to speak to someone, but I understand that a class of 58 is a lot of students to see, so we would have benefited from more time. We have until 2.00pm tomorrow to hang everything and hand in all of our work, this worries me for the fact that I want y work to look good in the exhibition and i don't think it does at the moment, my idea of how i wanted things is different to how it is, with my wig being separated from the rest of my costume i feel that this is  not going to show my work in the best way, as the wig adds to the costume and the costume adds to the wig; but this has been decided and i understand that there is not enough space for s all to have what we want. I am quite stressed, I have finished all of the paperwork and sketchbook and workflow work that I wanted to but I have not been assigned a mannequin to put my costume on and I really need one, with today being so hectic and stressful this problem did no occur to me straight away so this will have to be solved tomorrow. I know that hanging an exhibition can be stressful as i have done it before in college but we had much more time, guidance and more of a say in how we wanted to display our work. However, I really have enjoyed this project and I am proud of what I have achieved, I just hope it comes across well  and looks good in the exhibition.

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