20th - 24th April: Final Touches

In terms of presentation, I went to the wood workshop in Archway and made a three compartment shallow box to hold my packets. It was my first time using the wood workshop and I was quite frazzled to be honest but the technicians did help as much as they could. I had the most problems with nailing as I wasn’t experienced enough and the wood board was very thin. In the end, after sanding the box down, it looked professional enough and I was quite happy with it. 

I printed out a few more copies of my seed packets and I swear I now believe in superstitions because the misfortune seed packet had trouble printing multiple times and suffered from water damage and tearing while the other packets were fine. I also made more recycled paper and cut out many more seed shapes. 

In terms of this project, I am quite happy with my final outcome although it was totally unexpected from the ideas that I had in the beginning. It does answer my brief and I did enjoy this entire process. 

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