18th - 20th April: Additional Designs

I worked in two more GIFs of the leftover two designs. However in order to display them, Joao told me that I would have to get an iPad which I don’t have and can’t borrow. But then he gave me the idea of making it into a flipbook and suggested that I look at Oona Culley’s flipbook works which I really enjoyed. I took the frames from my GIFs and printed them out at ABC printing. The guy told me that I had too little space left at the top of my images so that the flipbook wouldn’t flip out very well so to counteract that I chose thinner paper as it was too late to change it. When I got home, I realised that he was right in that with too many pages, it wasn’t very clear to flip. Instead of having the three plants together in one flipbook, I then separated them into three different flipbooks. I asked my peers as to which one they preferred and they said the three separate ones were more effective. They also helped me to decide that the direction of the flip should be reversed so that it would be easier to flip in general. They also suggested for me to add some form of instructions such as flip me so that the audience could tell what is going on. Without them, I would not have caught on these small details. I followed instructions online as to how to assemble a flipbook and made three of them in preparation for the show. 

I also made my three dimensional model out of air drying clay. I had trouble connecting the flower parts of the plant onto the main rabbit’s foot so I modeled the flower around a piece of thick wire and stuck the wire in the rabbits foot to make an indentation. This way, when it dries, it can hold the foot. Showing my peer’s they suggested that I add more than one flower or else it looks like a penis. When placing it in the pot, I had a lot of problems as at first I intended to use rocks that I had in my room, however it didn’t look great. Getting dirt proved to be much more difficult and costly than I expected and when I was going to give up I saw that I had a jar of green tea leaves in my room that I never used. The texture and color was perfect. I filled the pot about halfway with paper towels soaked in PVA and water so that it would solidify then I filled it with green tea leaves and placed my clay model in the middle. It wasn’t very stable however, so I poured the remaining PVA and water solution around the leaves in hopes that it would soak it up and solidify and stick together which it did. 

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