14th - 17th April: Tutorial with Joao and Claire & The Monster Supply Store

Some things to focus on this week and next week is the ways in which I will display my seed packets. I think we both agreed that the seed idea was a much more developed idea compared with the placebo idea which is interesting as when I first came up with these two concepts, I expected the placebo idea to have more depth but it has evolved over time. Joao suggested I hang the seed packets with a pinboard for example but personally I don’t think a pin board will look as great on the wall. 

Something that he noted which surprised me was that the advertisement photo of the seeds I took didn’t really convey what the packets were which after some thought I think is true. He suggested instead to take the images of the frames of my GIF as the advertisement/poster instead. He also suggested for me to make a three dimensional model of my plant which I will try doing out of clay. He liked the GIFs and suggested that I make more

On Thursday, I had a group tutorial with Claire and other students from both GCD and Illustration. It was really interesting to see other people’s works and found that there was a quite a big difference in work produced between illustration students and GCD students. Either way, I got some good feedback in that I should maybe look into either hanging the seed or having them inside a box. 

In terms of packaging, Claire suggested that I look at vintage ways of packaging such as through boxes or old cases and to look into old fashioned boxes but the price might be too steep. She also suggested that I look at the Hoxton Monster Supplies Store as the packaging has the same visual language as my packaging. There is a similar tone and message in the products as mine. The next day, I visited the Monster Supplies Store. I am in love with this store. I took many photos of the ways in which they displayed their products and particularly liked the ones inside of boxes. The packaging and message was very similar to mine and I thoroughly enjoyed my experience there. If I had more time on this project, I would create a similar store stand just like that with different products. 


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