12th April: Multivitamin Making

Despite how much I like my current theme with seed packets, I still want to explore the second idea concerning vitamins and placebos. I researched into placebos and found that in most cases, sugar is used instead of the actual pill. This then led me to create the vitamins with candy. At first, I tried tic tacs, and simply gummy candies. I found a store in Spain named Happy Pills who literally sell candy inside of medical bottles. Following along with the idea of candy, I then tried moulding each pill individually out of chewy candy and found them to be most convincing. The candy was getting sticky with the heat of my hands so I rolled them in powdered sugar which not only stopped them from being sticky but also made them look even more like vitamins. 

For the names of the vitamins, I decided on translating again, to give them a scientific name. The vitamins included inside are the different tokens of superstitions which are included in the supplement facts. I had some problems with designing a packaging for the vitamins as I wasn’t sure what approach I should take. At first, I was suggested by a peer to design it as the same vintage feel as my seed packets. However, it wasn’t working and I spent a lot of time on it but it wouldn’t work. So instead, I decided to change my approach and went with a cleaner more modern look. This turned out much better. 

Finding the bottles to label these vitamins was a bit of a challenge as the medical bottles I could find were only ones that were sold online and in packages of 500. I went out in search of bottles and found in a supermarkets some glass bottles for a vitamin drink (how fitting) that were perfect. I drained the contents and stuck the labels on. I tried printing onto canvas paper, but my printer would not cooperate so I simply printed onto card first, and photograph it, and if my tutorial proved to be successful in terms of this idea, then I would create a better copy. I also tried filming some pills dropping in hopes of making an advertisement cinemagraph or film, however, I hated the result and didn’t end up developing it any further. 

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