11th April: Zine & GIF Making

I wanted to create a zine or publication as well which ran with the series of this Belief Company. Looking into lots of ways to present recipes was really interesting, ranging from illustrated ones to photographed ones. I wanted to keep the theme the same so I used lino cut again for the images of this “recipe” and “instruction” booklet which included a three course meal created from the plants that supposedly grew out. The instructions themselves were ridiculous and made absolutely no sense which only adds to my point. 

Printing out was a bit of a pain, I had a lot of trouble getting InDesign to print out a booklet in the correct order, so instead of wasting my time, I simply mapped out the pages in a test copy and arranged the designed sheets on Pages instead and organized it myself. It would probably be easier for me in the future to learn how to print out booklets correctly on InDesign as the pages get more and more, but with only 12 pages, mapping it out was fairly easy. 

As with the addition of the zine, it made it even more difficult for the audience to understand what my project is about, so I decided to make a 3D model as well. I bought some pots from the 99p store and as I was photographing my seeds and making an advertisement for them, I decided to also photograph a hand planting the seed in a pot. I photographed the stages and decided to add other parts in later on the computer to turn it into a GIF. I had several problems as the mini infinity booth I set up was a little too short and dark so I had to individually edit each photograph’s exposure and background so that it would look more professional. It was a tiresome process but it was worth it. I considered using different imagery for the growth of the plant, but decided to use the similar one as the seed packaging for it was easiest for the audience to link the two ideas together. I was very happy with the result and I would like to create at least two more of the other two plants growing out over the next week. 

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