28th March - 7th April: Easter Break

I spent over a week of my break in Paris and Portugal so I wasn’t able to get a lot of work done. However, I was able to note down and brainstorm some research and ideas for some final pieces to work on for the exhibition. In Paris, I visited the Paris Museum of Modern Art and Musee D’Lorsay. In the Paris Museum of Modern Art I was able to find one of the Fluxus Boxes specifically one by Benjamin Vautier. Similar to the Cabinet of Curiosities, it displayed a series of objects put together and labeled in a way which I can use for my final. Another great visit was to a taxidermy shop named Deyrolle, I was able to sneak a few photos of the shop which provided great inspiration for the presentation of objects. While in Paris, I was walking on the streets and observing the different objects which people used and sold, ranging from stationery to food. I passed by several flower stands and came up with the idea of perhaps having seeds which you plant and they would grant you good or bad luck. I would like to develop this idea further and work on the packaging of the seeds when I get back to London.

While in Portugal, I visited the Serralves Museum, however I couldn’t find a lot of inspiration for my works, but did enjoy the collection that they had. I also had the chance to visit the famous Livrario Lello & Irmão book store and in there I took down some documentation of the ways in which they packaged their products. On this trip, I thought more into the idea of superstitions and medication which led me to the idea of a placebo and an article I had read before on how multivitamins that we take are essentially useless for our body. 

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