27th March: Object Week Critique

Today I had my tutorial with Joao. Everyone in class also got a chance to look at other people’s work and write comments for each other. Many people liked my character studies and illustrations in general and the exploration that I had done over object week. Out of the three weeks, I feel that object week was the most successful of them all. 

At my one on one tutorial with Joao, he found the most interesting in the little tokens which I had made. I was really surprised because they were the ones which were not as perfect but I guess there is something poetic and dainty about the roughness of them.  Joao suggested that I look into product design and that the chocolates are not such a great approach. People wear tokens and bracelets on themselves so I can try to find a way to represent that but more creatively. He suggested that I look at Japanese products and look into Cabinet of Curiosities for ways of displaying it. Also to look into packaging and have a much more whimsical and less serious approach to my work. One thing that he said which interested me a lot was that when you apply a scientific name to something, it becomes much more important

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