25th - 27th March: Independent Exploration of Object Making


Today was a briefing on Unit 7 and the exhibition which is coming up soon. Hearing that we have to have a portfolio ready by the time we come back has gotten me really worried as I will be traveling over most of Easter break and I hope that I will have enough time to create something interesting. After the tutorial, I went to Archway to collect my relief print and also to collect some plaster .After some work yesterday, I decided to take advantage of object week and work with creating more three dimensional objects. I wanted to try out carving with plaster and having done two weeks in fine art in my diagnostic phase, I knew at least where the plaster room was in Archway. I arrived in Archway and went to the plaster workshop and asked the techinician for help. At first, I thought that I would have to create my own blocks of plaster to carve from but luckily the technician had giant blocks of left behind plaster which no one wanted. I had to saw them up myself to the size that I wanted which I found quite difficult as you had to simultaneously we the saw and saw through the plaster so that it would dissolve some of the plaster and make it easier to saw up. I sawed up four blocks and took them home. After researching online for ways to carve plaster, I found that the lino tools that I had would be enough to carve. The plaster was actually really easy to carve and I slowly started to carve out what I wanted. My original concept was to create three separate god heads with plaster, so that it would resemble greek marble statues. I am going to create one first and see how it fares with the tutors then decide whether it is the right route to go. 

Carving the plaster was easy, however planning out which areas to carve were very difficult as it was hard to imagine the figure in a three dimensional piece. It would have been a lot more easier for me if I had made a three dimensional God head first out of clay and then simply model my plaster after that. If I were to continue with this path, I would do that next time as it makes it easier to envision the plaster head.  I wanted to create another object for the tutorial tomorrow and as I was flipping through Superstitions by Perter Haining, an image of bottles with ?fast luck powder? caught my eye as they were sold in the past. The image was very interesting and I came up with an idea of filling different bottles with tokens that represented the kind of luck they ensured. I then used some air drying clay that I had left to create little tokens representing the superstitions they stood for, such as a ladder or a black cat. As they dried though, I spotted an old chocolate box that I had kept behind because of the pretty design and came up with the idea of putting these tokens inside the chocolate box as if they were little treats to eat. The little tokens weren?t made with very good craftsmanship but if I were to continue down this idea then I would remake them much better. 

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