24th March: Object Week (Day 2)


Today we worked with clay. After my tutorial with Joao, I became much more motivated to do better on this project and researched a lot more into superstitions and talismans or amulets. We were encouraged to make one small object and one big object out of clay. Rob also showed us how to use expandable foam which was extremely interesting. I can?t think of any way in which expandable foam will relate to my project, but it is a medium that I would like to try out more in the future. I really like the textures that it creates and the different outcomes you can get from carving the expandable foam. 

Today I worked mostly with air drying clay. I created a small shield (my idea from yesterday) and also a man covered with symbols and with a hole in his chest. The symbols were all good luck symbols which I had researched the night before, ones such as the all seeing eye or the cross. The air drying clay had a lot of problems as it would tend to dry out a lot faster when I started to work with it. However, I solved my problem with wetting a paper towel and either damping my hands or the clay in the paper towel which made it much easier to work with. With the air drying clay that I?ve worked with in the past, they have been made of paper so I assumed that water would help to mould it back together and it did. There were a lot of limitations with the air drying clay and after I had made my things, I tested out some plasticine which classmates had. I found that the plasticine was a lot easier to work with, however plasticine doesn?t dry which is a big problem if I am trying to transport my piece somewhere. If for my final piece, I want to do some sort of stop motion animation, then plasticine would be a good solution. Otherwise, there isn?t a very practical use for it in my opinion. 

After lunch, I had my tutorial with Rob and he agreed with Joao?s critique as well. He noted that there wasn?t a lot of conviction in my work and I seemed to be jumping from idea to idea without a lot of flow. I should just pick one thing and focus on it. He suggested perhaps doing more lino cuts and having a series rather than just lots of stand alone ideas. I guess on my part, I haven?t had a lot of conviction because I haven?t come across the one idea that I like enough to continue down. But without a lot of time left, I will need to pick an idea soon and develop it further. 


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