20th - 23rd March: Object Week (Day 1)


Today was the first day of object week. I found myself very lost with my project still and asked Joao to look through the work that I had done over the weekend. He suggested that instead of jumping from one idea to another, I need to come up with a better flow in my sketchbook so that a central idea is able to be seen. He also noted that there wasn?t enough decent research to inform my work which I now realise is true. Today?s project was to focus on creating something three dimensional out of a 2 dimensional template. At first, I wanted to layer paper together to create a tiny there dimensional shield covered in amulets which would protect against evil spirits. However, after my tutorial with Joao, I decided that a better approach would be one where I focus in more on the superstitions themselves, rather than doing my own take on them. Because of this, I instead decided to simply use the research that I have done up until this point and translate it into something. From my research of knocking on wood, which is what begun this superstition topic to begin with, I had found that knocking on wood was a way of seeking protection from the tree gods which lived inside. I then used this as the basis for today?s project. I bought brown paper from the college shop and scored the surface so that it resembled wood and created three trees with gods inside them and a small hole to view the gods. I was not very happy with my final piece as it didn?t seem interesting enough for me. 

During the crit with the entire class, mine was pointed out to not be very three dimensional whereas the point of today was to create something three dimensional. I was suggested to make the shadows pop out or anything that was more than just rolling paper and cutting it out. I don?t think working with 2 dimensional nets is going to be something that I will use for my final piece as if I want a much more complicated design, it would be very difficult for myself to figure out the design of the net template. 


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