17th March: Print Week (Day 1) Screenprinting

My screenprinting templates were cut to resemble hanging clocks. Over the weekend, I designed a character/person who was afraid of death and would cover himself in clocks as it is a superstition that when someone dies you cover all mirrors and stop the clocks. Because of this, he constantly keeps the clocks on himself running so that he knows that he’s still alive. It was my first time using a harder type of lino and I found that it was very difficult to cut and quite difficult to print the image. After consulting some peers, they suggested that I heat the lino up briefly and then try to carve and print it. This way, the lino became much more flexible and softer and was easier to deal with

It was my first time screenprinting and I found that I liked it a lot. However there is a limit to the screens which I learnt today in that it cannot print things that are cut up too small. Lots of the faces of my clock didn’t come out clearly and I recut a new stencil so that they would show up more. I really liked the look that the screen printing gave in that it wasn’t as controlled and didn’t match up as well. It is an effect that cannot be reproduced digitally which I found quite pleasant. The screen printing process itself is quite easy but I was surprised that a template cannot be reused after it has been removed as it tends to stick and rip apart to the screen. 

I then left these to dry in the room overnight. After looking at other people’s screenprints, I would have liked to have another opportunity to create screenprints that already have a subject unlike mine. My screenprints were the background for a lino cut subject, but it would be interesting to approach screen printing as the main subject instead. Today I also learnt to be more careful when I am screen printing as everything has to be marked and registered. On one occasion, I accidentally put down my stencil the wrong way around and the clock faces didn’t match the clocks so I had to redo another stencil. I need to be more careful and not rush myself next time because in the end I end up wasting more time by redoing something that could have been done well the first time 

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