10th - 13th March: Image Week (Day 2) Painting

Today we experimented more with image but in terms of painting. It was a refreshing break from the strenous work that we had done on this project and I enjoyed it a lot. We got to experiment with different colors, and widths and methods of applying paint to paper. I enjoyed today a lot, but I still feel lost on my project. I feel that the works that I produced today would have been better if I focus in more on one subject or image. The works that were more successful in class were ones where you could see a clear theme running across all their images

I watched the Book of Life, an animated movie which was all based around the Day of the Dead a celebration of superstitions in Mexican culture. I was particularly fond of the character designs covered in different symbols and amulets which represented different things. I then researched into the Encyclopedia of Magic and Superstition on reasons as to why we clothe ourselves and it noted that in the beginning, there could have been a belief that clothing would be able to protect the body from evil spirits and harm. I found this interesting. What if someone was to wear everything that protected them from what that they were scared of? I researched more in amulets and talismans which serve this purpose exactly and found that there were a lot of different ones and superstitions that stood for different things. The three themes/categories which I could split these into were for protection, bad luck, or good luck. Following on with the talismans, I decided create my screen print next week off of this idea. 

I asked Joao for some advice and he told me that from the work that I have done up until now, there hasn’t been a solid theme. Judging from my sketchbook, ideas seem to be jumping from one another and not flowing as well. I need to find something inside of this project, pick that, and run with it. After listening to his advice I decided that he was right. I need to find something and run with it. This is what I will work on over the weekend. 


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